Solution Splitboard

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162cm Wide
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Solution Splitboard

Solution Splitboard

162cm Wide

415 North Lake Boulevard

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415 North Lake Boulevard
Tahoe City CA 96145
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The Solution is the ultimate all-terrain splitboard and delivers unrivaled backcountry performance in any snow condition.

Featuring a directional freeride shape, directional rocker profile and a mid-stiff flex, the Solution is playful in soft snow, yet confidence inspiring on steep, hard snow. For better float in pow, the Solution’s tapered shape sinks the tail and the 3D Contour Base makes every turn more fluid and effortless. For added response, the Solution is built with our premium Ultra core, Flax/Basalt Power stringers and an ECO-plastic topsheet. For added edge grip and torsional board lock, the Solution features Inner/Outer Traction Tech 3.0, plus Karakoram Tip-Lock clips that lock closed, and Karakoram Ultra Clips 2.0 that are smaller and lighter than the original Ultra clip design.


  • Sustainable Flax/Basalt Power Stringers: Sustainable strength. Jones exclusive Flax / Basalt stringers are made with 100% natural fibers and help transfer power to the edges and absorb board chatter.
  • Boltless Bridge: Less hardware, more power. The Bolt-less Bridge eliminates split clip hardware from the base of the board and enhances split connection by re-profiling the woodcore under the clips.
  • Premium Sintered Base: Life's too short to ride slow bases! All our boards have hyper fast sintered bases made from super durable and wax absorbent premium P-tex.
  • Karakoram Ultra Clips: Ultra clips are the strongest, lowest profile splitboard clips in the world. They deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.
  • Inner/Outer Traction Tech Edges: Lock in up and down. Traction Tech on inside and outside split edges improves grip on icy skintracks or firm descents.
  • Quick Tension Tail Clip: Jones exclusive climbing skin tension system that attaches to pre-cut tail notches and eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.
  • Triax Fiberglass: Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that offers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.
  • Sustainably Sourced Woodcore: All Jones woodcores are made from wood species that have been sustainably grown and harvested.
  • Factory Tuned, Ready to Shred: Buy it, mount it, rip it! All boards leave the factory ready to ride with de-tuned tip and tail, edges angled at 90º/0º, and bases waxed with Wend natural wax.
  • Forever Flex: Forever Flex is a new manufacturing process that helps stabilize the flex and rocker of a board for its lifetime.
  • 3D Contours Base: Welcome to the future. 3D Contour Bases are next-level tech that enhances glide and float, and delivers unmatched turn flow and fluidity in any snow condition.Freeride focused 3D-base contours featuring an even balance of 7mm of spoon bevel in the nose and 7mm of spoon bevel in the tail. Spoon bevel starts at the rocker point.
  • Sustainably Made, Built By the Sun: We strive to make gear with the least carbon footprint possible. All boards built with Bio Resin, recycled side walls and edges, and sustainably sourced woodcores and topsheets. Jones boards are also now built with 100% solar power.
  • Inside & Outside Traction Tech 2.0: Like a serrated knife slicing into the snow, Traction Tech improves your edge grip by adding multiple contact points along the running length of your board.
  • Inner Edge Traction Tech: Inner edge Traction Tech improves splitboard edge grip on ascent. Three sidecut bumps on each side of your binding keep your locked in on icy skin tracks no matter which way you are traversing.
  • Progressive Sidecut: At the far ends of the sidecut, the radius is incrementally increased as the edge reaches the contact point. Gradually increasing the sidecut radius towards the contact point delivers smoother turn initiation and exit as the edge tracks in and out of the snow with a less abrupt transition.
  • Quick Tension Tail Clip: Built-in climbing skin tension system using pre-cut notch that eliminates the need for a traditional skin tail clip.
  • Boltless Bridge: The Boltless Bridge eliminates split clip attachment hardware from the base of the board by re-profiling the wood core at the clips. The wood core under the clips is thicker, providing better torsional stiffness and a more powerful connection at the split clips.
  • Tapered Shape, 12.5 mm: The tapered shape sinks the tail in pow for better float and quicker turns.
  • Blunt Nose: "How a board glides in powder, crust, corn or any snow more than an inch deep, is dictated by it’s front contact point and just past it. Next time you are in soft snow watch how much snow comes over the corner of the nose near the contact point. The billowing snow coming out from behind the tip means you are plowing through it which is obviously slowing you down. By adding a blunt nose you get the float benefits of a much longer nose without the ‘snow plow’ rounded tip and it’s extra swing weight". - Jeremy Jones
  • Directional Rocker: A hybrid rocker/camber flex pattern defined by more tip rocker then tail rocker and camber between the bindings. The rockered tip floats the board’s nose and improves maneuverability while the camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. A slightly rockered tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board but helps keep the tail catch-free initiating turns and landing switch.
Board Size (cm) 158 161 162W 164
Board Weight (lbs) 6.38 42.13 44.12 43.3
Contact Length (cm) 106.6 109 110 111.6
Effective Edge Length (cm) 117.6 120 121 122.6
Waist Width (cm) 24.9 25.2 26.3 25.4
Underfoot Width - Front Foot (cm) 26.46 26.68 27.75 26.85
Underfoot Width - Rear Foot (cm) 25.91 26.17 27.25 26.35
Sidecut Radius (m) 8.5 9.1 9.3 9.3
Centered Stance (cm/in) 58/22.8 58/22.8 58/22.8 58/22.8
Taper (cm) 1.3 1.23 1.22 1.23

Technical Specs

Best Use Freeride
Shape Directional
Profile Rocker/Camber
Flex Stiff
Width Standard
Core Paulownia/poplar/carbon stringers/fiberglass
Weight 2,900g / 6.38lbs(158)
Recommended Rider Weight 154: 120-170lbs
158: 130-180lbs
161: 140-190lbs
164: 160-210lbs
Dimensions 154: 28.8/24.6/28.6cm
158: 29/24/28.9cm
161: 29.2/25.2/29.1cm
164: 29.5/25.4/29.4 cm
Effective Edge 154: 114.2cm
158: 117.6cm
161: 120cm
164: 122.6cm
Sidecut Radius 154: 7.9m
158: 8.5m
161: 9.1m
164: 9.3m
Stance Setback 2cm
Warranty 2 year warranty + 1 free year extension

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