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I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but wanted to live in the mountains and so moved to North Tahoe in 1970. Here, I learned all of the different types of cross-country and backcountry skiing and got grounded in the community. My efforts at stewardship have had to do with getting people outside in group settings to experience the mountains athletically. In 1976 after the death of a friend I helped start the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team and was its president for 10 years. I was involved in continuing to run the The Great Ski Race an annual Nordic ski race that has been going for more than 45 years and was originally started by my friend Skip Reedy. 

I was a North Tahoe High School Nordic ski coach for five years and with Doug McNair took ten kids to Norway for a ski trip and educational tour of that Scandinavian country. I also helped start the Tour de Manure, an annual supported bicycle ride in Sierraville modeled on The Great Ski Race. Now it's in its 13th year.

The books I’ve chosen are both well written and fun to read. They are stories abut people venturing into the wilds of nature and the weather to not only test their own mettle, but also connect to the environment and learn more about it. 

The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Experience by Caroline Alexander 

I’ve been fascinated with Shackleton much of my life and was especially stoked when on a cross-country road trip sleeping in the back of our pickup truck in 1999, my wife, Laura, and I drove into New York City to discover that the American Natural History Museum had an exhibit of Frank Hurley’s photos taken during Shackleton’s expedition. We found a parking spot on the street a block away, left our dog in the truck, and spent the next several hours poring over the photos, the lifeboat Caird, and all kinds of memorabilia from that most amazing expedition.

The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko 

The Fedarko book was published just before a dozen friends and I (and Laura) went on my third multi-week trip down the Grand Canyon. This one was guided, while the previous two had been private with just friends. Almost every paddler was reading The Emerald Mile. Plus, three of our guides had been on the river at the same time when the waters were historically high and rapid. This story examines the points of view of both the engineers and the river conservationists. It is a great read.

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Between May 13th-June 10th, your purchase of one or more of these titles will directly support our nonprofit beneficiary, Clean Up the Lake! For the entirety of the event, Clean Up the Lake will receive 100% of book sale proceeds from our 21 community recommended titles

For the 2024 Community Book Initiative, we have chosen the theme “stewardship." All of the books chosen emphasize taking care of our community through themes including self growth and purpose, improved environmental practices, economic growth and development, community support, and so much more. 

Click on the link below to explore all 21 titles chosen by Tahoe and Truckee community members as reflections of the theme stewardship. Thank you for your support!

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