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Hi, I'm Jeff

I like to think of myself as a soul skier. Skinning with friends in search of the best quality snow is my favorite activity. In the summer I like to think of myself as a skier that runs, bikes, climbs and backpacks to stay fit for the skin track. Pushing myself to the limit, physically and mentally, is something I really enjoy in all of these sports.

It's an honor of mine to be the store manager of Alpenglow Sports. I get to apply my skills as our ski and hardgoods buyer, striving to bring in the best products for the Tahoe community. 

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My Story:

My story begins a few miles north of Detroit, Michigan, where my passion for skiing started very young. I spent my evenings watching Aspen Extreme and dreaming of skiing the big mountains out west. In my late teenage years, I was hired in-house at the local Ford automotive plant. Acquiring such a position is a big deal in the Detroit community and usually goes hand-in-hand with long-term stability.

 However, I couldn’t shake the Aspen Extreme ski dreams. I quickly realized that I had to chase these dreams and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, chasing the dreams that Dexter and TJ  had set forth for me. It was in Steamboat that I realized I truly belonged in the mountains.

 After four amazing years in "The Boat,” I realized that I needed bigger, better and more exciting terrain. My nights were spent frothing over the seminal ski film “Walls of Freedom” and knew that Squaw Valley USA was the place to head. At first I was intimidated by the terrain, but quickly embraced the free-skiing capital of North America and became a Squaw regular. Later, a season in Chamonix forever impressed on me the rewarding nature of skiing steep and exciting terrain. Nowadays I find myself skiing several thousand feet of great snow on the west shore before work and getting into the high sierra on my days off .

"I am lucky enough to test a lot of gear every year, from all brands, and it is pretty tough to get my unwavering approval. Gear that makes it into my daily kit is, at least for me, the best in the industry"

- Jeff Dostie

Jeff's Top 3:

Garmin Fenix 7 Solar Sapphire

I use this watch during every activity and love the data it compiles for me (speed, elevation, distance, HR, etc..). It gives me all the data I need during an activity and then extrapolates the data into health metrics that help motivate me or confirm that I am on the right track. If you are a BC skier, runner, biker or active in pretty much any other sport, this is a must have item.

Camelbak Ultra Belt

This is the first waist pack I have used that stayed put and doesn't bounce around. I can run with this belt up to 15-20 miles if there is water along the way and I am using my Befree .6L. It fits 2 x .6 liter water bottles, a few gels and a phone in a secured zipper pocket. It is the perfect substitute for a running vest in the mid distance runs and can be used with a running vest for the big, self supported efforts. It is even comfortable enough to use it if I just want to take my phone and listen to some high energy fall 97 shows.

Maurten 160 gel

I have been testing the Maurten gels (and other products) this spring and have been feeling they work exactly how the brand positions them. With the hydrogel technology, which is only available from Maurtens, you are able to consume more calories without the worry of GI distress. I have played around with consuming upwards of 420 calories an hour for many hours with no issues, actually the opposite because I am better fueled to continue sending.

More top picks:

NeverSecond C30 gels

I have been using never2nd gels for a few years now and I find their flavors are very good and the consistency is very easy to consume and digest. With this brand I am good at consuming up to 3 gels an hour without any GI issues. A really nice feature of these gels is they are quite liquidy and do not require taking a few sips of water to wash them down.

Hoka Mafate Speed 4

I have been running in the different versions of the Mafate since we started carrying them in 2010. While the Mafate started as a very bulky and cushy shoe back then it has been refined to still be very cushy with a much lower profile and nimbleness. I really like the stability and durability of the dual density EVA. The upper fabric paired with the stretch gusset in the toe box makes for a fit that works with a wide range of foot shapes. From dog runs from the house to 50 mile loops in the sierras, this is my favorite shoe.

Crown3 60L

I have been using this pack for the last 4 summers and love the weight to volume to load limit ratio. At 2.4 lbs without the lid this pack fits into the ultralight category, while still comfortably carrying up to 30-35 lbs. It is a very versatile pack that is good for the majority of backpackers and has a lot of built in features for compression and outside storage for wet or larger items. The volume is big enough for longer trips and still able to fit a bear canister. It is the only pack you need if you are weight conscious.

Jeffs Camping Essentials:

Dragonfly 3P Tent

I love this tent because it is very light, fully freestanding and comfortably fits me, my wife and our dog. Everyone can get a good night's sleep because we are not crunched on top of each other and all at a meager 3.5 lbs. Nemo is great at thinking of all the little things to make the tent simple, durable and solid in all types of weather, while still having storage pockets, large doors and vestibules. To top it off they are using a proprietary 100% recycled fabric. 

Western Mountaineering Summerlite

I have been using Western Mountaineering sleeping bags for over a decade now and this one is my favorite 3 season bag. At 1lb 3 oz with a full length zipper, and packing down to about 6"x6" with a compression sack, this is a stand out bag in the industry. The best part is I am comfortable at 32º, unlike many of the other 32º bags I have used in the past. WM has a very high standard for their products, so expect a bag like this to last you 20-30 years, if cared for properly.

Neoair Uberlite

So light, so comfortable! There is no other pad on the market that nails this balance. Coming in at 8.8oz in a full length pad, this is the go to pad for those who like to keep their pack weight down. It is a bit louder than the other options that start around 15oz, so if you are a light sleeper you should bring a set of uberlite earplugs to pair with this pad.

More picks:

Skinnies Sungel

I have been using this sunscreen for the past few years and it is by far my favorite. You apply a very small amount and it covers a large area. The bonus for me is that I find it to be effective for several hours before needing to reapply and it goes on clear.

Squirrel's Nut Butter

This is the ultimate anti-chafe item! I am very sensitive when it comes to chafing and squirrel's nut butter is a crucial part of every run over 10 miles. It is also really good for long, hot days at music festivals.

Camelback Octane 22

Camelbak has really nailed the design on this vest style pack. I have used it for long runs as well as day hikes. The fit and adjustability in the vest makes it very secure and comfortable. Throw in great compartmentalization and you have an amazing pack for a plethora of adventures.

Ultratrail FX One Superlite

These poles are so light! This is so important when I am trying to decide whether or not to take poles on a long run because I always take them. The shark releasable grip is also very comfortable and easy to use.

Horchata Recovery Mix

This recovery drink makes me want to go exercise! It is the #1 flavor in recovery drinks.

Cairn Evo 3D Pro

I have been living in these sandals for a few years now (yes, 365). The support, protection and secure foothold is unmatched in the sandal world. Throw in light weight and superior durability and there is no reason to look further.

What about skis?

I am the ski, boot, and winter hardgoods buyer at Alpenglow Sports. Check out my winter Staff Picks for my top backcountry and nordic ski products. 

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