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Hi, I'm Jeff

I like to think of myself as a soul skier. Skinning with friends in search of the best quality snow is my favorite activity. In the summer I like to think of myself as a skier that runs, bikes, climbs and backpacks to stay fit for the skin track. Pushing myself to the limit, physically and mentally, is something I really enjoy in all of these sports.

It's an honor of mine to be the store manager of Alpenglow Sports. I get to apply my skills as our ski and hardgoods buyer, striving to bring in the best products for the Tahoe community. 

Come say hi! Feel free to call the shop or email me at

My Story:

My story begins a few miles north of Detroit, Michigan, where my passion for skiing started very young. I spent my evenings watching Aspen Extreme and dreaming of skiing the big mountains out west. In my late teenage years, I was hired in-house at the local Ford automotive plant. Acquiring such a position is a big deal in the Detroit community and usually goes hand-in-hand with long-term stability.

However, I couldn’t shake the Aspen Extreme ski dreams. I quickly realized that I had to chase these dreams and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, chasing the dreams that Dexter and TJ  had set forth for me. It was in Steamboat that I realized I truly belonged in the mountains.

After four amazing years in "The Boat,” I realized that I needed bigger, better and more exciting terrain. My nights were spent frothing over the seminal ski film “Walls of Freedom” and knew that Squaw Valley USA was the place to head. At first I was intimidated by the terrain, but quickly embraced the free-skiing capital of North America and became a regular. Later, a season in Chamonix forever impressed on me the rewarding nature of skiing steep and exciting terrain. Nowadays I find myself skiing several thousand feet of great snow on the west shore before work and getting into the High Sierra on my days off.

"I am lucky enough to test a lot of gear every year, from all brands, and it is pretty tough to get my unwavering approval. Gear that makes it into my daily kit is, at least for me, the best in the industry"

- Jeff Dostie

Jeff's Top 3:

DPS Lotus 138

DPS’s Lotus 138 is a specialty ski that, in my opinion, is among the top 3 products in the entire outdoor industry. The feel of the float and surfiness of this ski is beyond words. I like to think that for me it changes the turn and elevates the feeling I have while skiing. It is also a trail breaking machine. Most people ask if I ski these 3 or 4 days a year thinking they are only brought out on the deepest of days, but I get out on them at least 40-50 days a year. And winter 22/23 I skied on them about 100 days. If you are going to add a backcountry pow ski to your quiver, THIS IS THE ONE! 

DPS Kaizen 105 

The Kaizen 105 is the first ski I have tried in a long time that gets me out of bed in the morning to go skiing (usually it is skiing that gets me out of bed). It is a great choice for backcountry or resort, but my preference is backcountry where it is light enough for the biggest of days and skis ALL conditions very well and at any speed.

Jeff's Secret Weapons:

ATK Raider 15 EVO

The ATK Raider 15 EVO is the binding I have been asking the industry to produce since 2001. The impeccable design is equaled by its performance. With the new EVO version of the Raider you get an adjustable release in the toe, as well as a much greater elastic range in the release of the toe. This allows the lightweight tech user to ski this binding aggressively while in ski mode (vs locking out the toe) and getting a more consistent toe release, or not. 

It also comes with a freeride spacer which fills the gaps between the ski and the bottom of your boot so that you get quicker response laterally. I run mine brakeless with the ATK Seat Cover. For the hard charging freerider, this is a game changing binding. If you're a lighter skier, the Raider EVO 11 and Raider EVO 13 have the same tech with lower release values. 


Thermic Heated Socks

The Thermic heated socks are a daily staple for me during the winter months. I have had some cold issues on my toes over the years and I found that on the cold mornings I need more warmth than my liners offer. These socks give me the protection I need to ski without having to think about my toes and the battery on low can last from sunrise to sunset. 

All My Picks:

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