Telemark Poles

Shop poles for telemark skiing. We curate rigid, two-piece, and three-piece poles designed for tele adventures big and small.

About ski poles at Alpenglow Sports

As a core backcountry shop, we only stock collapsible poles for backcountry travel. These poles have stood up to cornice thwacking, ice clearing, riser flipping, and everything else you'd want out from your collapsible touring pole. 

Telescoping or Z-Pole

Curious how to choose between telescoping and Z-Poles? Telescoping poles are generally more durable. Our experience shows that this durability comes from the overlapping sections. There are also reliability gains thanks to simple flick-lock closures. 

Z-Poles are significantly smaller when collapsed. Compared to a 3 section telescoping pole, Z-Poles are, on average, 8 inches shorter or more. If your pack does not have an external option to carry your poles, a Z-Pole is the best option for storing inside your pack. 


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