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Afterglow is a podcast series that travels deep into the mind heart and soul of world renown adventure athletes; a series of in-depth and intimate audio conversations with athletes who chase their dreams through big mountain skiing, mountaineering, ultra running, and rock climbing.

Every conversation goes deep in the attempt to learn universal truths from the experiences of these athletes including who we are, why we are here, and how these answers offer a pathway for the sharing of experiences, emotion and vulnerabilities that can potentially spark change and bridge divides.

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Season 1

Our debut podcast season features six captivating conversations with renowned adventure athletes: Adrian Ballinger & Cory Richards, Dave Nettle, Will Gadd, Brendan Leonard, Chris Noble & Doug Robinson, and Tommy Caldwell.

Season 2

Season Two of Afterglow showcased weekly conversations with notable mountain adventure athletes: Hilaree Nelson, JT Holmes, Emily Harrington, Stephan Drake, Kim Havel, Chris Burkard, Adrian Ballinger & Barry Blanchard.

Season 3

Season Three of Afterglow is streaming now. Subscribe for more episodes and enjoy the season!

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