Dave Nettle uncovers the magic of the Tyrol

Dave Nettle, cofounder of the Alpenglow Sports Winter Speaker Series, and often touted as one of the best storytellers alive, rounded out our 18th annual season with an absolute show for the ages. When Dave is on stage, he makes you feel as if he is a dear friend hanging out in your living room, sharing stories from his latest adventures. Equal parts humorous, educational, honest, and encouraging, he leaves you with the urge to travel, and the sheer excitement that only adventure can induce. 

Nettle took the audience on a tour through the Tyrol region — a place that spans across Austria and Italy, and is a cultural blend of the two. From astounding alpine terrain, to unparalleled hospitality, to soul warming food, to a rich history, there is no end to the offerings of the Tyrol. 

We couldn’t have orchestrated a more divine end to this Winter Speaker Series season than Nettle's story, and want to follow in Dave’s footsteps to express our deep felt gratitude for everyone that helps us make these shows happen — our generous sponsors, all of the speakers who donate their time, and all of you.

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