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Hi, I'm Cooper

I’ve recently moved back to Tahoe after four years of College on the east coast. I’m an avid mountain biker, trail runner, cross country skier, and backcountry skier.

I grew up here in Tahoe just down the street from Alpenglow in Carnelian Bay. Tahoe provided the perfect playground for me; offering access to some of the most beautiful areas in the country and giving me amazing outdoor opportunities.

My Story: 

I first got on snow the winter after I learned to walk and have loved every minute of it. I spent the weekends as a mighty might at Palisades Tahoe where my love for wintry outdoors grew. During this time I also participated in Strider Gliders at Tahoe Cross Country in Tahoe City. I went on to prioritize nordic starting to compete competitively when I was 12. From strider gliders I went on to compete for Colby College’s Division 1 ski team.

I graduated May 2023 and am enjoying exploring my backyard in new ways. Whether it’s alpine starts to explore a new area in the Eastern Sierra or a quick run with the yellow lab on local trails, I’m always excited to be out with shining sun or blowing snow. Now, I’m focused much less on competing competitively, and instead, I aim to do more while having the most fun possible. 

My Top 3:

Salomon ADV Skin 12

It’s hard to beat a summer in the Sierra. The days are long, filled with light, and a plethora of zones to explore. The Salomon ADV Skin 12 has been an absolute game changer for me. I’ve never been able to find a pack for long days running that didn’t chafe me in some way. This vest is incredibly comfortable, has all of the small pockets to keep my nutrition easily accessible and organized, and extra space to stow layers for the unpredictable weather in the High Sierra. I can’t recommend a running pack more than this one. I’ve got my whole family in it now!

BeFree Water Filtration System 0.6L

On those days I want to be light and fast, having a small stowable filter is a must. With 0.6 L Be Free, I can keep my water load at a minimum and stay well hydrated on long hot summer days. Since I started using this filter two years ago, I haven’t done a single longer run without it; It weighs practically nothing and I even forget that I’m carrying it some days.

Julbo Density

I love how lightweight the Density is for long days or even short days. You barely notice them resting on your face and Julbo’s photochromic lenses are so much better than any other I’ve tried in how fast they transition and their optical quality.



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