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Lou's Gear Philosophy

"I tend to choose my gear based on a few criteria, how light it is, the features it has, and how well it would hold up on rocky technical terrain. I’m fortunate enough to be able to try out many trail shoes and other gear. I generally don’t use gear just because an athlete is using it. I pick gear by what close friends are using, their likes and dislikes which closely match what I would want and look for in a piece of gear. 


I think too many runners are putting all their “eggs into 1 basket” approach when it comes to trail/mtn running shoes. I’ve found as with many other close friends that If you switch it up and run in two to 3 different trail shoes your body will benefit from it and be less likely to get injured. Think of a golfer, they have many different types of clubs to utilize depending on what the situation calls for. The same can apply for your running, on recovery days you can use a shoe with more cushion like The North Face Summit Pro and for more technical trails I use a shoe with better tread/sticky rubber. Think of the La Sportiva Jackal 2 or Dynafit Ultra 100."