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Renee Koijane has lived in Tahoe nearly 24 years and has raised her two boys with her husband on the West Shore. She is currently a working artist, and has spent time working on various community-driven projects. These have included collaborations with Dr. Robb Gaffney, hosting a TED-X Tahoe City, a "Why The Huck" presentation focused on sports safety and public outreach for the Keep Tahoe True movement. She also worked for many years to create a public use space at the Old Fire Station in Tahoe City (that outcome is still TBD).

She has a deep passion for environmental stewardship and has collaborated with the Plastic Pollution Coalition towards their mission of reducing plastic waste. Her boys have been raised to be wary of mass consumerism and have developed a shared love for thrift stores and roadside finds. (Although if they were to go shopping, it truly is only at Alpenglow Sports.) You can visit to view some of her work.

Let My People Go Surfing by Yvonne Choinard 

As a former consultant to other businesses and business owner myself, this book for me was seminal. I sometimes would hand it to clients when I walked into a meeting. It's a manual about how to approach a business with environmental stewardship foremost in mind. 

Anyone endeavoring to start or grow a business; read this now. Choinard basically says that every time he incorporated a concept that considered the environment first, while expensive and impractical in the beginning, it always paid off in the end. So he's saying, do the right thing, folks! The community will benefit, the environment will benefit, company culture will benefit, the brand will benefit, and your profits will benefit.

Calypso by David Sedaris 

This is a memoir by humorist David Sedaris. I find him absolutely hilarious and actually wish he was one of my best friends. Since he's not, I can only read all of his books. 

What makes me love him even more, and is touched on in one chapter in this memoir, is his passion for picking up litter. With his Fitbit on, he tracks his steps as he walks along the roadways near his home in the U.K., picking up trash, all of his own volition. He's "my people."

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