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I’m Luke. I’m originally from a small town between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, called Murphys. I studied at Cal Poly Humboldt in the field of Exercise Science and Health Promotion. After I graduated, I moved to Santa Cruz and worked as an Exercise Physiologist in corporate wellness. This past summer I moved to Truckee with my partner Kaela and am now a part of the Alpenglow family. Overall my passions include trail running, skiing, and art. 

Ski Patrol Pups by Megan Butcher 

Ski Patrol Pups is a children's book that follows Walter and a group of brave and resourceful puppies who work as members of the ski patrol team. This book demonstrates teamwork, courage, and compassion as they navigate the challenges of mountain life. It celebrates the heroism of these lovable canine characters in the wintery wilderness. 

This book demonstrates stewardship with the ski patrol pups strong sense of responsibility for the safety and well-being of others, including animals and the environment. As well as community engagement to ensure safety on the mountain. 

Through their adventures and missions, the ski patrol pups exemplify important values such as responsibility, courage, and compassion. These qualities are not only essential for effective stewardship of the environment but also for fostering a sense of personal responsibility and accountability in children and adults, teaching them to care for the world around them. 

The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf 

The Invention of Nature is a biography of Alexander von Humboldt, who was a scientist and explorer of the 18th and 19th centuries. This book explains Humboldt's groundbreaking contributions to geography, ecology, and environmental science all the while he travels through Russia, Europe, and South America. He was a huge advocate for environmental conservation and he had a very holistic approach to his research methods. I found this book to be an excellent choice for the Community Book Initiative’s theme of stewardship.

Humboldt’s expeditions and scientific discoveries highlighted the interconnectedness of nature and the delicate balance of ecosystems. His observations emphasized the importance of understanding and preserving the environment. He was an early advocate for environmental conservation, he recognized the impact of human activities on the environment and advocated for sustainable practices to ensure the well-being of future generations. He utilized multiple disciplines and emphasized the interconnectedness of all living things. Concluding that his ideas and writing had a profound influence on generations of scientists and thinkers, contributing to the development of modern environmentalism. 

This book illustrates how Humboldt’s life and work embody the many principles of stewardship, including environmental awareness, conservation advocacy, a holistic approach to science, and a commitment to future generations. Through Humboldt’s example, we can see the importance of stewardship in fostering a sustainable relationship with the natural world. 

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Between May 13th-June 10th, your purchase of one or more of these titles will directly support our nonprofit beneficiary, Clean Up the Lake! For the entirety of the event, Clean Up the Lake will receive 100% of book sale proceeds from our 21 community recommended titles

For the 2024 Community Book Initiative, we have chosen the theme “stewardship." All of the books chosen emphasize taking care of our community through themes including self growth and purpose, improved environmental practices, economic growth and development, community support, and so much more. 

Click on the link below to explore all 21 titles chosen by Tahoe and Truckee community members as reflections of the theme stewardship. Thank you for your support!

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