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Rebecca Anderson lives in Truckee with her husband Andy and son Huck. She is Senior Head of Education and Research at Action for the Climate Emergency, where she works to support young people in their fight for a livable future. She enjoys getting outside running, skiing, and climbing in the Sierras. 

The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti 

This book speaks to what it is to fall in love with mountains. Its themes are both simple and timeless: friendship, family, love of mountains, and trying to find and care for a place to call home. In visiting the Aosta Valley in northern Italy, I always marveled at the decaying old homesteads that dot the landscape and wondered who had built their lives there and what happened to them. This book tells that story. 

Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy 

I'd call this book a psychological climate fiction thriller. It takes place in the near future, in a world in which climate change and human consumption have rid the planet of almost all wildlife. One woman is bent on a quest to follow the last Arctic terns on what might be their final migration across the globe. I loved this book for its ability to be both deeply personal and also tackle the global climate crisis simultaneously. 

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