Meet Liz

Hi, I'm Liz!

I’m a runner, skier and Hueco’s mom. I hold down the back of house here at Alpenglow Sports, so while you may not always see me when you come in the shop, you will always catch me on skis in the winter or on (but more likely off) trails all summer. 

If you are intimidated by anything: gear choice, picking the perfect next read, or by all the beards in the shop, please please please ask for me! 


My Story:

I hail from the East Bay Area where I was an avid climber (lookin’ at ya, DRG!) when a boyfriend introduced me to skiing. I have a very distinct memory of “flying” down a beginner run during a snowstorm at Kirkwood and crying tears of joy. After a few years of commuting to ski, in 2013 I moved to Tahoe and never looked back.


I am my best self when I’m surrounded by big mountains and wilderness. These days I spend most of my time running up and down hills in the summer, chasing Dostie up skintracks in the winter, and doing my best to embody my dog’s attitude every day.

"Keep it simple, but never discredit the value of comfort."

- Liz

My Top 3:

ATK Raider 11 EVO

ATK Raider bindings were my favorite upgrade last winter for their weight, reliability, performance and ease of use. This year’s EVO is the long-awaited bridge from alpine resort to touring bindings, adding that key missing feature from dedicated backcountry bindings: release settings in both the toe and heel. In all honesty, though, I’m more excited by the new brake lock engagement feature that works by simply turning the binding because holding down a button in wind chill or on a sketchy transition sucks and is really, really hard when you’re in mittens, which I almost always am. 

Julbo Density

I wore the Julbo Density sunglasses for trail running all summer. These sunnies have unbeatable coverage, never slip, and don't give me a headache. They had their ultimate test during the incredibly variable weather of a 100 mile race this year: from full-blown thunderstorms to late afternoon alpine light reflecting off snowfields to brilliant, sunny blue skies. They stood out as an incredible tool, capable of handling the widest range of conditions I’ve ever asked a pair of shades to endure. Can’t wait to wear them on the skintrack this winter.

And if you, ahem, forget your goggles they are an excellent substitute!

Other Favs: 

Braiding Sweetgrass has been on Oprah’s Book Club, the NY Times 10 best books of all time, and BOTH President Obama AND Bush’s reading lists. OK, I have no idea if any of that is true, but gosh darnit, Kimmerer’s book is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever read about the human relationship to the natural world while simultaneously offering reconciliation and (un)surprising connection between western science and native knowledge. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Climb Pro S-Glide

Pomoca makes my favorite skins and the Climb Pro S-Glides really are the best combo of glide, stick, weight and durability, period. Kiss your frustration with heavy skins, terrible glue or too-slick for many of us skins goodbye. 

These are the goldilocks skins you’ve been searching for.


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