Meet Luke

Hi, I'm Luke

I recently moved to Truckee from Santa Cruz this summer and I'm excited to be back in the mountains. I have passions in trail running, climbing, and backcountry skiing and am stoked to be part of the Alpenglow family. You’ll find me at the shop helping on the floor and running trails with our Mountain Running Club.


My Story:

I found my way to Truckee for the most wonderful reason - to be with my partner, Kaela and to be back in the mountains. I grew up in Murphys which is right in between Tahoe and Yosemite. The beauty of Tahoe and the areas surrounding it quickly captured my heart.

Before my time at Alpenglow I worked in the Bay Area as a clinical exercise physiologist working in corporate wellness. My journey to Alpenglow was shaped by years of being immersed in outdoor pursuits on my weekends and the desire to be a part of the mountain community in Tahoe.

I love the outdoors and it was instilled in me by my family and friends who share a lot of my passions. Whether it was peak bagging with my Dad on Ebbetts Pass or running a 100k section of the PCT with friends, these experiences left an indelible mark on my soul.

Currently, my primary focus revolves around trail running. I've been on a mission to push my limits, striving for both speed and endurance on the trails. I have participated in some long runs/races in the area and know I can push it further and I'm so stoked to be in one of the best areas to train. In addition to my love for trail running, I’m equally passionate about backcountry skiing and super excited to be learning how to skate ski this year.

"I'm super happy to be here and to be fully immersed in the outdoor world. Whether its the thrill of a steep descent or the tranquility of a mountain trail, I can't wait to share these passions with you."

- Luke Nelson

Luke's Top 3:

The North Face Vectiv Endurus

I love these shoes for my long runs. I found that the amount of cushion combined with the TPU plate helped with reducing fatigue and helped propel me forward. I was very surprised with the size of the lug of the shoe, but had no issues running on trail, road, or scree. 


inReach Mini

I carry this on long runs and tours. It's great being able to communicate with loved ones and letting them know you’re running a little late. When I’m not doing either of those things it lives in my car incase of emergencies. 

Julbo Density

The Julbo Density with a Reactiv 1-3 High Contrast lens are my primary glasses for trail running. They are super light, you can barely tell they are there and the way the lens transitions when I move from a sunny trail to a forested section allows for perfect foot placement. 


Luke's Secret Weapons:

Ultratrail FX.One

I originally didn't have the Superlite version of these poles until recently and it was a drastic change. I didn't realize dropping around 50g in weight would have an impact on how sore my arms and chest would get, but it was well worth it. I’ve used these in the Tahoe 200 and UTMB: TDS and they’ve carried me to the finish line. The shark frame strap system is extremely helpful when hitting aid stations, you can easily disconnect from the pole and grab the items in your drop bag.

Hestra Wakayama

My palms are sweaty but my knees aren’t weak. My hands tend to run towards the warmer side and the nice thing is that these gloves have a removable wool liner that you can throw in the wash. I use these for longer and medium cold days and they hold up well with consistent use. 

All My Picks:

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