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Hi I'm Fred

 I was born on New Year's eve of 2022 and I've been partying like a rockstar ever since. My favorite part of the day is, well, every part! I'm a fun loving creature who wants to be everyone's friend. In actuality I've never met another dog or human that I haven't fallen head-over-heels in love with. I'm twice the size of my half-sister Millie, but arguably only half as smart (or less). I have the biggest heart and I'm ready to love on you the next time you're at the shop. 

Fred's Dog Pick 

My dog pick is the Hi and Light Harness from Ruffwear. For some reason, as soon as I have my harness on, we get to go outside and play! Outside is my FAVORITE and this harness is somehow the key to outdoor time!? I'm not sure how it works but this harness is the one piece of gear I never leave home without. I feel naked without it! 

Ready for my closeup!

Hi, I'm Millie!

I'm a four-year-old mini Goldendoodle but in my mind I'm really a human. I love chasing chipmunks on dog walks but am most content being with my people. I excel at party tricks and love to dance. Bring me a treat and I'll prove it. I'm happy when it dumps - my humans get to shred and I get to wear my full-body pink lycra suit. The verdict is still out on my half-brother Fred - he's cool but pretty annoying. 

How do I look?

Millie's Dog Pick

My owner Brendan is the apparel buyer here and yet I only have one outfit! Rude! I wear the Crag collar every day and it's actually quite the fashion statement. It's that perfect blend of technical features and pretty colors. What more could you want in your only change of clothes? 

Hi, I'm Kola!

I'm the undisputed wrestling champion of Alpenglow Sports. I'm not sure why the humans call it “wrestling” and they always seem to interfere as soon as I lock the rear naked choke. I escape to the golf course and skatepark to look for new wrestling opponents. The humans REALLY don't like that so I try and submit my opponents on sight! 

With multiple wrestling matches under my belt, I'm on the hunt for the nutrition I need to stay big and strong. The humans consistently underestimate my abilities so I score snacks in the break room and wherever else they are to be found. 

Kola's Dog Pick 

They named the roamer leash after me, so obviously it's my favorite. The stretch webbing keeps me connected to my human while expanding and contracting for roaming and exploring. I still find it too limiting but they don't seem to listen to my product feedback. 

Hi, I'm Molly! 

I’m a fox red lab originally from Sonoma county. My first family was super boring and left me in the backyard all day, but I knew I was destined for more. Luckily they knew it too and I now have my forever family and they love all the things that I do! Whether it’s running up a mountain, jumping off a Donner dock, or cruising the Nordic trails in the winter, they are game and I get to go with! Everyone at Alpenglow thinks I’m a very relaxed girl and that’s because I’m tired from all of my adventures. If you see me, please say hi. I’m particularly found of belly rubs.

Molly's Dog Pick

I spend most of the day distributing my hair evenly throughout the shop so it's really nice to have a sleeping pad that insulates me from the cold ground. I'm the biggest sleeper of the bunch and I don't skimp on comfort!

Hi, I'm Sunny! 

Hi!  My name is Sunny!  I was just a puppy in a box surrendered to a shelter, but hit the jackpot when a nice couple brought me to live in Truckee and also got me a job at Alpenglow Sports.  My name pretty much matches my personality. I'm a jovial dude, always up for mountain adventure, and never one to turn down an opportunity to meet a new friend; human or canine.  I love to play "wild animal" in the woods and follow my nose everywhere while my humans are doing their outside things. Oh the smells!  My absolute favorite is following the scent of a rabbit!  And horse poop is quite convenient for a good roll or trail snack.  I'm good at finding random animal bones and bring these prizes back to show off to my people.  After my outdoor endeavors and work days, I do enjoy coming home to cozy up on the couch in piles of blankets.    

Sunny's Dog Pick

My owner Jeff obesesses about having the lightest pawsible pack and moving fast. When I'm over his relentless pace, I lay down and make him carry me out in the Fido Airlift. Surprisingly, he still moves pretty good with me on his back. 

Hi! I’m Hueco!

I’m definitely the best boy in the shop. OK, maybe not the best, but maybe the most handsome. I love to talk in soft-woof hellos and slightly more demanding pet-me barks. I will wake up from a dead sleep when the delivery truck rolls by and am most excited when that driver is Janelle from UPS (did you know they have treats?). I’ve lived my whole life exploring all the trails here in Tahoe, but these days I enjoy easy runs and smelling things and pets, lots and lots of pets. 

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