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Non-Profit Beneficiary Application

Non-Profit Beneficiary Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to become a Winter Speaker Series Nonprofit Beneficiary! Please read on to learn more a...

Ingrid Backstorm skis powder

Ingrid Backstrom's "Searching for the Answer"

Backstrom’s show Searching for the Answer focuses on her winter goal, as a professional skier and mother, to ski one hundred days in a row. Ingrid’s show is dedicated to the non-profit beneficiary,...

Dave Nettle's Ski Touring The Tyrol

Dave Nettle's Ski Touring The Tyrol

Join Dave Nettle for a lively and humorous tour through the Tyrol in images and stories of some of his favorite adventures during his 25 year love affair with this magical region famous for climbin...

Jim & John Morrison's Skiing the High Sierra and Beyond

Jim & John Morrison's Skiing the High Sierra and Beyond

In Skiing the High Sierra and Beyond, you'll join Jim & John on a walk & ski through iconic peaks and destinations, including Lake Tahoe, the High Sierra, and the remote mountain regions of...

Elyse Saugstad looks ahead with a sunset behind

Elyse Saugstad’s If There’s a Will, There’s a Way

For freeskier Elyse Saugstad, if there’s a will there’s a way. In her years as an outdoorswoman, Elyse has brushed against death, faced mind-numbing fear, and won the respect of her peers in a male...

Michelle Parker Smiles from a mountaintop

Michelle Parker's "A Shift in Perspective"

One of freeskiing’s most recognizable and in-demand talents, Michelle Parker feels most at home when tackling big mountain terrain. In her show A Shift In Perspective, Parker will take us on an emo...