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Meet Jared & Julia

Julia and Jared Drake are the founders of Wildbound PR, a boutique literary PR firm that specializes in media campaigns for authors, publishers, and storytellers around the globe, and Wildbound Live, an award-winning livestream and hybrid event production company based in Tahoe. 

"Wildbound" reflects what we’ve come to love about working with talented storytellers: Their tireless drive to venture into the wilderness of the mind, always on the precipice of the unknown, always daring to meet their limits in worlds both real and imaginary. They move us, shake us, humanize us, and brings us stories that explore, entertain, edify, and transform – all that within the bounds of a book.

The Last Fire Season: A Personal and Pyronatural History by Manjula Martin: 

The Last Fire Season by Manjula Martin is an immersive and deeply moving account of the lives of wildland firefighters, seen through the lens of one of the most devastating fire seasons in recent history. 

As someone fascinated by tales of bravery and resilience, we were instantly drawn into Martin's gripping narrative, which skillfully intertwines personal experiences with broader reflections on the complexities of fire management and the impacts of climate change. Her thought-provoking insights challenge readers to confront the urgent need for a paradigm shift in how we approach wildfire management and environmental stewardship.

California Against the Sea by Rosanna Xia

California Against The Sea by Rosanna Xia is a compelling exploration of the intricate relationship between humanity and nature, focusing on the battle against rising sea levels along California's coastline. 

As we turned the pages of California Against The Sea, we couldn't help but feel a profound sense of urgency and responsibility. Her poignant portrayal of California's struggle against the sea serves as a powerful call to action, reminding us of the urgent need for collective action to address the existential threat of climate change.

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Between May 13th-June 10th, your purchase of one or more of these titles will directly support our nonprofit beneficiary, Clean Up the Lake! For the entirety of the event, Clean Up the Lake will receive 100% of book sale proceeds from our 21 community recommended titles

For the 2024 Community Book Initiative, we have chosen the theme “stewardship." All of the books chosen emphasize taking care of our community through themes including self growth and purpose, improved environmental practices, economic growth and development, community support, and so much more. 

Click on the link below to explore all 21 titles chosen by Tahoe and Truckee community members as reflections of the theme stewardship. Thank you for your support!

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