Meet Marlo

Hi, I'm Marlo

I grew up in Tahoe City and absolutely love the outdoors.  My day job is a realtor with Coldwell Banker, but my fun job is working the floor at Alpenglow.  I love interacting with community members in a store I grew up shopping at and sharing my passion for the outdoors with anyone who walks through the front door. 

My Story:

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Tahoe City and have spent my entire life loving and cherishing the wonders and community that Lake Tahoe has to offer. I am a North Tahoe High School graduate, where the woods were our running trails and the ski slopes were our entertainment. My passion for the area only grew when I traded the beauty of the mountains for the equally gorgeous coast of Santa Barbara. Here I attended the University of California where I obtained my B.A. in Environmental Studies.

After graduation, I realized that my home remained in Tahoe and I returned to immerse myself back into the community. I worked in the customer service and hospitality industry and also volunteered with SWEP (Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships), where I provided children hands on Environmental Education and had the opportunity to pass on my love of nature to the next generation. I then became a Big Mountain Coach at Squaw Valley and a Property Manager at Tahoe Moon Properties, finally leading me into my career as a realtor. I treasure all of these experiences, as they have created trusting and compassionate relationships with homeowners, athletes, parents of athletes, repeat visitors in the area, and the community as a whole.

Being a Tahoe native also provides me with an intimate knowledge of the area and the unique environment that each individual neighborhood and location has to offer.  Having been born and raised in Tahoe, I have learned that it is an exceptionally wonderful area to live and visit.

"Tahoe is a place that no matter how long you are away, it will always welcome you and feel like home when you return."

- Marlo Eckert

Marlo's Staff Picks:

MTN Pure

The Salomon MTN Pure bindings were a game changer for my backcountry experience.  The lightweight and easy use of these bindings allowed me to do multiple laps in a day without my legs getting tired and feeling weighed down.  They have multiple climbing aid heights with quick access that really help on those steep tricky uphill kick turns.  I would choose this building 100 times over! 

Zero G Tour Scout

Boots can make or break your day in the backcountry.  The Tecnica Zero G Tour boot is a great boot because it is lightweight, yet durable.  The walk mode range is great for the uphill, yet the 4 buckle overlap and mobility cuff allows you to feel locked into place and sturdy for any downhill you choose to hit!  Strong female backcountry skiers who like a stiffer boot will love this one!


Marlos's Secret Weapons:

MountainFLOW Wax Kit

The MountainFLOW wax kit makes a great Christmas gift for someone who is wanting to learn how to wax their own skis.  It comes with the iron, performance wax and scraper all within a cool travel case.  A go to item, you didn’t realize you needed! 

Scott Patrol E2

The Scott Patrol E2 backpack seems like the best new, no brainer item to have for the backcountry!  It has a fully electronic airbag system that is easy to charge and reuse over and over.  It makes the old avy packs seem archaic with their CO dispensers and only 1 pull capability.  PLUS there is a separate sleeve for all your safety equipment and is on the lighter side! 

All My Picks:

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