Meet Quinn

Hi, I’m Quinn

I grew up on the North shore of Lake Tahoe and am an avid pursuer of type 2 fun, mostly in the form of XC skiing, trail running and mountain biking. I have a few other jobs around town, my main one being a year-round Nordic ski coach for a local junior race team. I work the floor at Alpenglow as well as being the bridge between the team and the shop.

My strength is helping on the Nordic side of things. As my background is in Nordic skiing and racing, I have a broad base of knowledge in that field.


My Story:

I was born and raised in Tahoe and have fully embraced the mountain lifestyle. I practically grew up outdoors skiing, running and biking throughout my childhood. I learned to love the outdoors and an active lifestyle from a young age, adventuring around the US with my family (and our dogs) and getting to experience many amazing places throughout my childhood. I have been lucky enough to see some of the prettiest natural places, and have spent miles skiing, hiking and biking through deserts, mountains and forests.

As I got older, I specifically began to pursue competing in cross country running and Nordic skiing. This led me through high school and on to Nordic racing throughout the time I pursued my undergraduate degree in college. These experiences helped lead me to learn the skills I use at Alpenglow. I am able to use my years of personal experience and expertise in skiing and running to be able to serve customers in Alpenglow.

These days, I am focused on getting outside whenever I can and enjoying the beautiful place I am still lucky enough to call home. I enjoy coaching my ski team and racing whenever I get the chance to in mountain running and Nordic skiing. 

"I choose my gear based on fit and function first and foremost. If my gear is comfortable and I can push it hard while making it last, then I am all in!"

- Quinn Lehmkuhl

My Top 3:

Swix HS8 Wax

Swix HS/PS 8 wax. This is a great wax that works in varying conditions and I continually find it to be my go to wax for my Nordic skis. It performs well through a ski with changing snow conditions and keeps my skis fast. 

Garmin Fenix Watch

 It is a highly functional watch with so many different activities uploaded onto it. It has accurate GPS tracking and gives me good metrics back after my workouts.


My Secret Weapons:

Thermic Heated Socks

This product is a great purchase or gift for those who consistently fight cold feet while out and about. It is a comfortable sock for activity, and the battery lasts a good amount of time to keep your feet warm and cozy, no more frozen toes!


This beacon is easy to use even for those not very experienced with backcountry skiing and gear.


All my picks:

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Meet Cooper

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