Zero G Tour Pro 24/25

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Since the Zero G Tour line's inception - crafting a lightweight boot with unexpected performance has always been the mission for our design and testing teams. After countless unforgettable days in the mountains, we knew it was time to do it all again. The revamped Zero G Tour collection is packed with features to lighten your spirits on the up and down. You asked for a lighter, more lively and anatomical version — the weight is over. 

At Tecnica, it is very common for the development of one product to influence the development of another. In this case, we used part of what we learned about the weight-saving and power transmission advantages of the Power Frame construction in the Zero G Peak series and applied that philosophy to the new Zero G Tour Pro and Scout models. Power Frame construction strengthens the overall flex profile of the boot without adding any additional weight, resulting in better lateral power transmission. Power Frame also helps to reduce the deformation of the lower shell, resulting in an overall flex profile that is more progressive and efficient, all while shaving weight.

Updates include: 

Increased forward lean.

Increased range of motion — The new Zero G Tour Pro and Scout models feature a 10% increase in range of motion, bringing the total range to 60 degrees. The additional 10% is specifically designed to increase the forward range of motion, improving the walkability of the boots while traveling in steep terrain.

New double-blocking walk mechanism — Using some of what we learned from the development of the Zero G Peak series, the new tour Pro and Scout feature and all new double-blocking walk mechanism. The new mech is lighter and opens up the contact points even further, resulting in a more progressive flex, improved walkability, and an additional 1.5 degrees of forward lean.

Improved in-step shape — By making the instep higher and adding more Quick-Instep material, the all new Zero G Tour series boots are not only easier to get in and out of, but are more comfortable in general, with less pressure over the top of the foot.

More anatomical toe box — Another area of improvement over the previous iteration, the new Zero G Tour Series boots feature a more anatomical shape, designed to fit better immediately out of the box. The new shape specifically addresses fit issues from the previous iteration, including the sixth toe and arch support zones, improving both while maintaining the ability to make additional customizations with C.A.S.

Increased fit and performance, decreased weight — It was certainly not the primary goal to make the new Zero G Tour Series boots lighter. Our priority is and always will be fit and performance, with an understanding that it is more important to be the right weight, not just light weight. With that said, it's always nice to be able to shave some poundage, and despite all the improvements to the fit and performance, the new boots come in roughly 100g lighter than the previous iteration. Bonus.

ISO 9523 compliant —  The original Zero G Tour series was launched before the conception of the ISO 9523 sole norm in its current configuration. The new boots feature a new sole that is fully ISO 9523 compliant. 

  • Last: 99mm
  • Volume: MV(mid volume)
  • Flex: 130
  • Cuff: Carbon co-injected
  • Shell: Grilamid - Quick Instep
  • Liner: Ecodesign, C.A.S. Ultralight- Light Fit, with laces - Recco®
  • Soles: ISO9523, low tech inserts, Vibram® rubber
  • Buckles: 4 Light Magnesium, hiking position
  • Weight (half pair): 1289 g (26.5) 

Technical Specs

Best Use Freeride Backcountry
Gender Unisex
Last 99mm
Boot Flex 130+
Shell Design 2-piece Overlapping
Shell Material Carbon co-injected cuff and Grilamid Shell
Buckles 4
Sole ISO 9523
Binding Compatibility Tech
Liner Technica C.A.S. Light
Forward Lean 13.5 Degrees
Range of Motion 60 Degrees
Warranty 2 Years
Weight(Single Boot) 1,289 Grams