The new Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro: The best just got better.

For as long as I have been skiing the backcountry, the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro has been the go-to boot for my hard-charging touring partners. The orange and black Zero G is almost ubiquitous at trailheads and even inbounds thanks to its confidence-inspiring 130 flex and light weight. The new boot is even lighter, at just 1,289 grams, with some smart designs that keep it famously stiff while improving the fit and walk mode. Those improvements have multiple Tecnica/Blizzard athletes and Alpenglow Sports ambassadors saying confidently that "The best boot just got better."

Pre order the new boot

We're thrilled to help you secure such a highly-anticipated boot! Your pre-order ensures that you get the first Zero G Tour Pro boots shipped to you or available for pick up at Alpenglow Sports. We're offering full size runs of the men's and women's boot. 

What's new in the Zero G Tour Pro?

The key improvements in the new Zero G Tour Pro are as follows:

  1. Improved fit
  2. More forward lean
  3. 100 grams lighter than before
  4. Bearing-driven frictionless pivot
  5. T Hike Double Blocking walk mechanism
  6. Redesigned lower shell
  7. Redesigned upper cuff
  8. 9523 sole compatibility

Let's explore each improvement in detail. 

About the new fit

The new boot retains much of its original fit with a few key additions. Here's the new fit at a glance:

1. Additional instep height making for an easier entrance and exit.

2. Roomier toe box with a more anatomical shape.

3. 99mm last: Narrow heel, ankle, and mid foot.

Our overall impression with the new boot is that it will fit a lot more people with a lot fewer modifications. Each fit improvement seems to be perfectly aligned with the most common modifications we were making to the old boot as bootfitters. Importantly, the fit changes are slight enough that we do not anticipate new issues for folks that fit great in the current Zero G Tour Pro. Our local Tecnica athletes are enjoying warmer toes and more comfort out of the box with less modifications needed. 

Questions about fit? 

Call the shop at 530-583-6917 and we can help you choose the right size. 

Improved walk mode

Next, Tecnica tackled a series of walk mode improvements that work together to improve the overall touring experience. Most boots, including the last generation Tour Pro, use a rivet to join the upper and lower cuff. These rivets wear out through repeated use, warping the connection between the upper cuff and shell resulting in binding and play.

Tecnica introduced a new "Free Move" bearing that delivers a frictionless pivot point with much greater durability. Thanks to a redesigned and carbon co-injected upper cuff, Tecnica was able to improve the range of motion in the upper cuff by about ten degrees. Testers are reporting that the upper cuff is noticeably easier to move through its 60 degree range of motion. Testers also note that the new T Hike lever can require a bit more fiddling than the prior lever. 

A photo of the walk mechanism on the new Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro boot

Tuned stiffness at a lighter weight

It's often a challenge to make a lighter boot that still flexes with confidence. Tecnica removed material from the upper and lower cuff using lessons learned when designing the Zero G Peak Carbon boot. The result is "Power Frame" construction with thicker material extending from the pivot point into the upper cuff and into the body of the lower shell.

Power Frame construction results in better lateral power transmission and reduces deformation in the Grilamid lower shell. Testers are reporting a flex profile that feels more progressive and efficient. 

The new walk mechanism not only shaved weight but helped contribute to downhill performance. The boot now features 13.5mm of forward lean, 1.5mm more than before. Tecnica also increased the distance between the two contact points which creates a more progressive flex.

More versatility and compatibility

The most common question in a backcountry ski shop is boot compatibility in touring boots. Especially in hybrid, hard-charging boots like the Tour Pro, our customers are always hoping for the most possible compatibility between pin and resort bindings.

In the past, the Zero G Tour Pro missed out as a crossover/hybrid boot because of limited boot sole compatibility. The new Zero G Tour Pro is 9523 Certified which makes it compatible with all Multi Norm Certified(MNC) bindings.

This opens the door to using Solomon Shift Bindings, Marker Duke Bindings, and a host of MNC resort bindings with the new Zero G Tour Pro. 

A pair of the New Zero G Tour Pro boot from Tecnica.

The athlete's choice

We carry the Zero G Tour Pro because our customers need a boot that performs at the highest level without holding you back in the skintrack. If we didn't carry this boot, our shop ambassadors and local pros would come knocking.

This season, we asked every athlete in our Winter Speaker Series to choose their "Athlete Picks," lists of their favorite products from Alpenglow Sports. The importance of the Zero G Tour Pro really hit home when every single athlete, a genuine 100% of them, chose the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro as their backcountry boot of choice.

The last word goes to our 20-year veteran ski buyer, Jeff Dostie. When I asked him what fires him up about the new boot and he said this: "This boot fires me up to have on the wall next season because it has such a great fit, skis so well, walks great, and it's about the lightest boot in its category. To have all those things put together, really makes a standout boot."

Pre-order the new boot at Alpenglow Sports

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