Introducing the New Dynafit Ridge Pro boot

We are thrilled to add the Ridge Pro Boot from Dynafit to our curated collection of backcountry ski boots. This boot is a powerful entry into what we consider the most interesting slice of the backcountry market - 1,200 gram touring boots. For years, boot brands have been trying to build the ultimate hard-charging 1,200 gram boot. We have boots from Salomon, Scarpa, Atomic, and Tecnica that each bring a unique feature set to this highly competitive and important space. We're excited to see how the Ridge Pro Boot delivers some unique promises that we're not seeing in the other models. 

Ready to Take Off

The Ridge Pro boot is a 1,250 gram boot that flexes at a true 120. The boot achieves an impressive 70 degrees of cuff roatation with a three-piece, two buckle design. The shell is carbon-loaded Grilamid with a Vibram Traction Grip sole. With a last width of 101mm, this boot is narrower than Dynafit's other offerings but still more accommodating than most other boots in this category. 

Dynafit's Floating Tongue

The boot achieves exceptional range of motion and skiability thanks to the patented Floating Tongue. The tongue moves in a horizontal direction with each uphill stride. It's fascinating to watch! This results in resistance free walking movement with a full 70 degrees of cuff rotation. The tongue is able to float thanks to the use of a boa dial and single upper-cuff buckle that are left loose during ascent. 

Ready in 60 Seconds

Thanks to the Hoji Lock system, the Ridge boot turns into an uncompromising high-end ski boot. Start by closing the boa dial, then the buckle, and then the Hoji lock, which joins the upper cuff and shell. Dynafit's Hoji Lock has long been our favorite ski mode here at Alpenglow Sports. Boots like the Hoji Free, Tigard, and Radical Pro have a truly "one-flick" ski mode that turns the boot from walk mode to an inseparable and completely interlocked unit without play. 

Dynafit advertises the same benefit with the Ridge Pro, but we must concede that it is a more involved transition than we have come to expect from the Hoji Lock. We are interested to see if the additional functionality achieved with the Floating Tongue is worth the extra time in transition. 

A skier demonstrates the Hoji Lock system on the Dynafit Ridge Pro Boot

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Our Dynafit Rep estimates that there's only 20 of these boots in the US right now. So act fast!

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